The Iowa investor-owned utilities that comprise the IUA serve approximately 72% of the electricity customers in the state and approximately 95% of Iowa’s natural gas customers. Our members work alongside electric cooperatives and municipal utilities on large projects across the state. The IUA’s member utilities are more than just pipes and wires. Our members create an attractive environment for business investment, drive economic growth, support their communities, create jobs and give back through charitable activity. Iowa’s investor-owned utilities combine to be the largest taxpayer in the state. 

The IUA’s member utilities are regulated by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) for rates and service. The IUB is a three-member, full-time panel in the Iowa Department of Commerce with a full-time professional staff that hears regulatory matters.

Utility customers are represented by the Office of Consumer Advocate, a division of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, in proceedings before the IUB. The Consumer Advocate’s statutory responsibility is to investigate the legality of rates and practices of all utility companies subject to the jurisdiction of the IUB, and to represent consumers and the public generally before state and federal agencies concerning those matters. The Consumer Advocate is the chief administrative officer of the division.

Other electric and natural gas utilities in Iowa, such as municipal utilities, are regulated by the IUB for service, but their rates are determined either by city governments or local boards of directors of member-owners. The cost of regulation is included in utility rates paid by IUA members’ customers.

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