Community partnerships

IUA member utilities give back to the communities they serve. Financial donations, grants, scholarships and economic development assistance to retain and attract business are just some of the ways these companies and their employees partner with fellow Iowans.

Local jobs

Members of the IUA power the livelihood of Iowans who live and work in communities across the state by providing thousands of quality jobs with great pay, benefits and advancement opportunities. 

Renewable energy

IUA members have helped make Iowa a national leader in the generation of clean, green electricity. Renewables power our economy, provide career opportunities and support Iowa’s landowners while keeping rates low compared to the rest of the country.  

Safe, reliable power

You can count on IUA members to keep power flowing to homes and businesses. Making sure Iowans have the electricity and natural gas they need without worry is our focus.

Economic development

IUA members are about more than just pipes and wires. They drive economic development by working with communities to retain and grow business while attracting new industry to the state.


Members of the IUA are regulated by the State of Iowa and are committed to working in the best interest of their customers. The price Iowans pay for your electricity and natural gas is among the lowest in the country.  

Critical infrastructure/disaster preparedness and response

IUA members stand ready to respond to outages as well as assisting neighboring states in times of need. Our dedicated employees take pride in helping their neighbors and communities when they need them most.